some choice

No, this nothing like Sophie's Choice.

It seems like I always have to make the choice who will get their way. Compromise is not easy for most kids. My kids just don't get it. Unfortunately, Ryan tends to get his way more. He gets upset more easily and more vocally. Andy gets upset but he is more quiet about it.


We went to Lowry Park yesterday. I have been there walking but this time I took the boys. It's Spring Break. We walked along the river and on the docks and then around the rest of the park. As usual, we followed Ryan's lead. It was cool when we left the house this morning so we took our jackets. Andy likes to bundle up. I left my jacket in the car but Ryan chose to take his, just in case. I had to show him how to tie it around his waist.

The boys haven't grown up with squirrels around and Ryan was afraid of them. And these squirrels are beggars and kept getting closer to him. It was kind of funny.


Sometimes, they actually act like they like each other. Yep, Ryan is holding onto Andy. Then Ryan does something like this. He almost got away with it.


There is a river tour boat that is part of the zoo. You have to buy tickets through the zoo. I know the boys would have liked the boat ride, especially Andy, but it's expensive. They wouldn't leave the dock until the boat left. We walked some more and played on the playground. Ryan wanted to find the Visitor's Center but there isn't one. I realized later it was because he wanted a map of the place.

On the way home, Ryan wanted to go one way, Andy another. I know most parents, if the kids can't agree, choose a third option. That would only leave them both upset. The lesser of two evils, letting Ryan get his way. But I did say that Andy gets to choose the way we go today.