i walked today: 2.36 miles

No MapMyWalk today. Seems redundant since I walk the same routes over and over again. And I know I could wander about but it's not fun to keep marking the route. Maybe someday I will get a real iPhone and be able to get MapMyRun for iPhone. You walk or run and it uses GPS to map your route. Though really the route is not important as much as I like to keep track of the miles. It makes me feel good.

Today seemed like a trial to get started but I kept going and the pace picked up. I really need new shoes. I hate spending the money right now but if I don't, I will stop walking due to the pain/burn in my left foot when I walk on a left sided cant.

The weather is getting so beautiful which means I am starting to, excuse me, sweat. Not dripping and in fact, I don't realize it until I get back home. Soon, I will have to shower afterwards! The horror!