my first inamorato

Last summer, I got an email from someone I hadn't heard from in years. It was a big surprise. He was my first. Yes, that first.

I was flooded with memories and feelings and I took a few days before I responded. I pulled out all the letters and cards that Jim had sent me so many years ago. No, they were not tied with a ribbon.

We had met on New Year's Eve at a party given by a friend. Jim was travelling through after being home for the holidays. He walked me home. He stayed the night, only because I felt sorry for him. His other option was sleeping on the floor at his friend's place. He asked me to dinner a couple of days later. My first date and I was 25. Pathetic.

Jim was in the Navy and stationed in Pensacola and drove back to his base. He sent me a birthday card. Sometimes he called. We were talking on the phone the night the Americans attacked the Iraqis. Jim lived off the base so he did not hear about the attacks. He was upset that he was still in training and would miss the action.

Jim sent goofy cards with long notes. A few weeks later, he asked if I would meet him in Nashville for a weekend. He said it was about halfway between Chicago and Pensacola. He drove, I flew. Jim picked me up from the airport and took me directly to the hotel suite. He had already checked in and had set the condoms on the nightstand.

I was nervous and could have used a few drinks. Jim offered a back rub. I didn't know what to expect. Not so much the sex, I saw movies, I read books, but the being together too. Here we were, two people in a town for essential one date after another. My dating experience was the one dinner we shared 2 months ago. How does one date for a whole weekend?

We had lunch at a Chinese place where he asked me to pay. I was a bit taken back. I believe in chivalry and men to pay. But I paid, it was fair. We went to see a movie, The Doors. We went to a margarita bar. I don't remember dinner, maybe we ate at the bar? Maybe I just drank. The second night was a repeat of the first without the tension, thanks to alcohol.

After breakfast, Jim dropped me off at the airport and drove back to base.

I saw Jim two weeks later. He was transferred to Whidby Island and drove through Chicago. He spent the nights with me and the days with his friends.

to be continued...