PMS is here. I like that the term includes so many different symptoms. The only thing that is for certain is that it is before your cycle.

Bloating & cramps? No, not really. At least nothing different from the bloating and cramps I get from eating broccoli, onions or cabbage. And I tend to eat broccoli 3-4 days a week so I don't notice a difference.

Moodiness & irritability? Umm, ask my siblings and they will say that is my me everyday. Siblings are a great cause of moodiness and irritability. Yes, I am little more short on patience at this time.

Food cravings. Well, of course. I am trying to eat more healthy and seem to crave food all the time. During PMS, I crave more junk carbs like chips and pizza.

Brittle nails? I don't think this is a usual symptom but it is for me. I have weak nails to begin with but they seem to all break during this time.

Lethargic & easily distracted. Hell yes! I was to do nothing but read and play solitaire on my DS. And eat chips. And with some strange quirk of genes I fell more energetic as soon as Aunt Flo shows up. I know, weird.

More weirdness, I am having no problem finding motivation to walk. Just don't ask to me to do the laundry. Meanwhile, my dad has started taking prednisone for his cough and now has these bursts of energy which involves mopping floors and cleaning carpets. And to do this he uses lots of smelly chemicals which leave me more moody and irritable.