why blog?

What am I passionate/obsessed about?

I was listening to Merlin Mann's & John Gruber's talk at SxSW about blogging. They suggest one should figure out what one is passionate about, maybe even obsessive, and give that idea a voice.

OK, so what am I passionate about? Well, I have been passionate, bordering on obsessive, about a lot of things. See, my obsessions change. Quite often it seems. Since my husband died in 2001, I have been obsessive about keeping house, decorating, gardening, exercising and eating well, cardmaking and scrapbooking, photography, decluttering the house, eating well/exercising, baking, cardmaking, and now... I become interested in something and find out everything I can about it; search the web, buy books, etc. And I get very involved with this for weeks or months and in the case of scrapbooking, years. Then something shiny comes along and catches my interest.

And that leaves me with today. What am I passionate about today? I ran through the things I do and found that while I love photography, I am not obsessed with it right now. And I am still making cards but not every moment I can. And to me, that's where the passion and obsession comes in. I don't think about anything or want to do anything with such fervor, right now.

OK, that is a lie. I feel pretty passionate about blogging right now. Which is why I am asking the question in the first place. What should I blog about?

Maybe I should ask the question, Why do I read blogs? Some are informative. Some keep me in touch with friends. Most entertain.

The Pioneer Woman is a great blogger. It's amazing she finds time in the day to do half of what she does. And though I would not want the responsibility of running such a popular blog, I would like some of it. Just a tiny portion. I think. Or is it that I want a life that is entertaining as hers? Well, we know that isn't going to happen. So what are we left with? Smatterings of my pretty mundane life.

At least until the next obsession comes along.