• called them tennis shoes though we never played tennis.
• first pair I remember were red canvas with rubber tipped toes. I was proud that they weren't blue like Nancy's but red, which is my favorite color. They were probably keds.
• going into the 9th grade the first time I asked for a brand name. They were addidas and my mom bought them for me grudgingly. I wore them just about everyday and wore them out. I had duct tape wrapped around them for awhile before I got a new pair.
Tretorns were pretty popular in high school. I was fond of my whiten with plaid detail.
Reeboks in college. I took them to Europe and wore them out in 4 months. They were plain white shoes, not high tops.
K-swiss was my next addiction. They were comfortable. Then they got popular with the hip hop crowd and this white nerd had to stop wearing them.
• Keds Slip-ons. I had to have them ordered to fit my huge feet. I got them as long as I could.
• New balance was my next choice. I loved that I could find them in many stores and didn't have to worry about the width. But then they got popular and found cheaper places to make the shoes. They no longer fit consistantly so I stopped buying them.

I got tired of ill fitting shoes so I went to a local running store. I had to take off my shoes and walk around. The verdict: I have flat feet and over pronate. The shoes to help: Brooks Beast. They stabilize the foot and ankle. They feel good. I had never paid so much for a pair of sneakers but they are worth it. So much that I bought 2 more pairs when the former pair wore out.


I tend to wear out the footbeds before the shoe looks too bad. I knew I needed another pair because my ankle was hurting so much. I hated spending the $120 and put it off for a long time. I finally got to looking for a deal, or at least free shipping. I made a mistake and tried a different shoe. Brooks Addiction is similar to the Beast but made for walkers. Oh and they are $20 cheaper. I ordered a pair and about a week later they arrived. I tried them on but didn't like them. Crap! One of the downfalls to ordering online. I sent them back but have to wait 2-4 weeks for a refund. And I ended up spending an extra $15 on shipping, here and back, so I really didn't save anything afterall. I ordered The Beast and they arrived yesterday. I wore them today and they felt good. No ankle pain! I have to remember to buy a new pair every 6 months, or when the ankle pain returns.