lenten promise & itunes wish list

How is your lenten promise going? I am doing OK. Actually, as far as not buying whole albums, I am doing great! I am starting to listen to the singles I have downloaded and realize that I don't really some of them. This is good because I didn't buy a whole album that I might not enjoy. $.99 seems like a decent amount to pay to try something out.

Being at the bookstore was hard. Seeing all those books in real life, wanting to be touched and picked up. But I was good. No purchases for me. Not even a magazine.

Did you know you can set up a Wish List in iTunes? It's not an official Wish List but one you can throw in some songs to think about and perhaps purchase later. The first thing you do is open iTunes. Then set up a Playlist and title it Wish List. OK, you can title it whatever you want, but if you want a Wish List this seems like the most logical thing to do. I'm just saying.

Next, go into the iTunes Store and search for some music you want to buy but can't afford right now. Click on the title and drag it into your Wish List playlist. Now you will have that sample in your library. It's only 30 seconds long which is all they can allow without having to pay a royalty. When you are ready to purchase this track, you can just click the BUY NOW button. If you no longer want a track, just delete it.