hank is gone for another season


My dad left yesterday to go back home in Michigan. He will stop in Georgia to stay with my sister for a couple of weeks. He will head to Kentucky to see my nephew and take him to dinner. Then he will go to Indiana to see his family. Finally, on to home. His goal is be back in Michigan by April 9.

Every time he leaves, he seems more frail. It really bothered me yesterday. He was torn between staying and going. I'm sure he would love to have his family around with his all the time. But then where would he stay in the winter? ;-)

We worry about each other. I worry that he is eating enough and not doing too much. He worries about our general welfare and my finances. I admit, I am not good at this money thing. I didn't have good examples. I have little willpower.

I read this quote on a blog and it struck home.

"There are two types of people...those who ask for directions and the others who find their way. Both may reach the destination but the satisfaction of the other kind is far greater." Dominik Silver

But I can't ask for help. I want to do it myself. And my dad is the same way.

So we worry about each other.