ben folds way to normal

I've been listening to this the past week. I love Ben Folds. To me he is a great mix of Elton John, Billy Joel and Joe Jackson. He is a good storyteller and I like his self-deprecating humor. He tackles serious subjects as well as light hearted songs with equal aplomb. I like his range of serious versus light-hearted songs.

I know Way to Normal came out month ago but I just got around to listening to it. I like to burn a disk then listen to it in my car until I know the album back to front and back again. Though I tend to not notice how the songs load and end up burning the disk with the wrong song order. Sometimes it matters. I think it did here since Cologne (seeds version) and Cologne (piano orchestra version) play back to back on my disk. I couldn't figure it out the first time I heard it. Is this the same song? It seems a little different but the words seem the same. (I don't print anything for the CD so I am listening blind.)

After listening for a week, my favorite songs are Hiroshima, Cologne (seeds version), Free Coffee & Effington. Four stars.