garage sale

I had a garage sale today. It wasn't my idea. Two weeks ago, my neighbors said they were going to have a garage sale and suggested I do one as well. Luckily, there wasn't much to do since I had most of the stuff still packed up from the last garage sale in late 2007. It's scrapbook stuff, older stuff that didn't sell online.

I emailed a couple of my friends and they told some friends, so I didn't have to advertise. I told my friends it began at 8 am and they told their friends it began at 9 am so they could have a head start. Nice.

Before I started, I needed some caffeine. (I was up some of the night coughing.) I ran to Starbucks and saw one friend waiting for me in the street. It was 7:45. One of L's friends showed up a few minutes later. I was glad I got set up the day before.

For the next 2 hours, it was busy. Then the main group of women had to leave to take their daughters to dance class. A few were going to First Watch for a late breakfast and invited me. It would have been good especially since my dad is here to watch the boys. But it was only 9:30 and I had planned to stay open until noon.

It was busier than I expected. A couple people came back for a second go at the goods. And H came back with a breakfast from First Watch for me. Sweet. (I gave my dad the bacon.)


I would have closed up early but one woman, a friend of L's came back and bought a bunch more. I made $310, well $307 after I gave the quarters to the boys.

I will have to make up some more paper packets for the next sale.