trying not to buy

Even before the economy took a nose dive, I realized the need to curtail my own spending. The problem is that it's a hard habit to break. It helps that I am reduced to using my debit card instead of credit. (yes, I am paying off too much credit debt as well)
But expenses keep cropping up like the way the boys keep growing and needing new clothes. And I have certain standards like buying decent things not cheap. (label snob? sort of) The boys and I wear Birkenstocks. I do save some money by getting them the Birkis which are waterproof and cheaper. But finding a decent selection in the US is hard at best and much more expensive. Even then, there few styles for boys. I was quite surprised when Ryan chose camo.

I probably should be doing Damn Ramsey but there is some excuse not to. I know that he basically says to eliminate your credit cards and debt. Don't use credit cards. And have an emergency fund. I'm just not ready live out of a packet of envelopes even if his logic is sound.

Meanwhile, I no longer go out to lunch everyday. I eat at home. My lunches are better and healthier and cheaper. And when I shop online, I fill my cart up then leave the site. If I really need something, I will be back. If it was just fun to look, then no harm was done.