Maybe I should have titled this "stubborn, part 4,586" but I haven't kept tract how many times Ryan's obstinateness has frustrated me to no end. I tend to try to block those instances out so I don't dwell on them and go insane.


Anyway, the boys got new shoes yesterday. Years ago when they go new shoes, they would not wear them right away. They would sit for a few days or weeks until the boys were ready to put them on. OK, no big deal. Recently, the boys will wear their new shoes right away. Well, Andy won't wear new sandals until school is out, he prefers his sneakers. But his feet must have really grown because he chose his new sandals today. With socks.

And this made Ryan upset. But he couldn't express himself so it took some moping and pouting and guesswork until I figured it out. Ryan wanted to wear his new shoes today but didn't want Andy to wear his. Well, Andy wants to wear his new shoes, they feel better. Ryan actually said he would stay home, something he never does.

I gave Ryan some choices: 1) wear his new shoes and stop moping; 2) wear Andy's old sneakers; 3) wear his old shoes until next week. He wore his old sandals even though they are too small and cracking.