tables are turning

After Gail died, the boys and I went up to Brighton for a few weeks every summer. I took the time to be very lazy and let dad take care of things. He didn't seem to mind and I used this time to recharge myself. After being on 24/7, it was nice to let someone else take the reins for a while. I wasn't completely selfish but I didn't help out much with the housework.

When my dad comes down for the winter, he does help out a lot. This year I notice he is doing less and resting more. And the selfish 4 year old inside me is stamping my foot saying it isn't fair. Why should I have to do it all myself? Then I smack myself and realize how petulant I sound.

I see him slowing down and I hate it. Because I am the youngest of 5, I feel I am not ready for this.

My father turned 80 years old in December. He is generally healthy though he suffers from asthma and takes medication for high blood pressure. Recently he has been having flair ups of his colitis. He did see my doctor down here who referred him to a gastroenterologist but dad is waiting until he goes to Georgia. Charlie, my brother in law, suffers from Crohn's which is similar to colitis and my dad would prefer to see Charlie's doctor. I have to admit that Nancy, my sister, is better at nagging dad about getting things taken care of.

My friend T's mother has diabetes. She lost her leg to the disease and still doesn't follow doctor's orders. I wonder if it is because her husband is a doctor and she likes to be contrary. T is also the youngest child and has a young daughter. Instead of getting help from her parents, she is the one providing relief. She is even moving back to our home town so she can be closer.

Welcome to the sandwich generation.