charlie's soap

When I learned to do laundry, we were using powdered detergent in a box. You grabbed a scoop and dumped it into the washer. Powder was everywhere. If you needed bleach, only on whites, you added a half a cup to this green jar we had then filled the rest with water. Once the washer was filled and moving, you could add the bleach.

Then we got some crystal detergent in a bottle. The cap was the measuring scoop. It was all very handy and neat. That product was replaced by Free. At least I think that was the name of the detergent and it was a liquid! A liquid? Yes, a nice little bottle and you poured in the amount and did not spill powder all over the place until you felt like you were at the beach. We eventually switched to Tide and have been there for years.

When I had a baby, everyone said you had to use Dreft because it got out the stains and was gentle for baby. And it smelled great. Only it smelled worse than 3 day old diapers and I couldn't stand to use it. I switched to Tide Free, which had no dies and no scents to irritate baby's skin. I found I liked it too for some of my clothes especially the ones right next to my skin.

Now I find out that Tide isn't so good for the environment. Huh? Well, liquid Tide isn't so bad but there are better products out there. Charlie's Soap is one I keep reading about. You especially see it talked about at the baby and diaper sites. And Charlie's Soap is supposed to cut down on the washer build up gunk. I have a lot of gunk because I have a Maytag Neptune front loading washer. And this washer is supposed to be left open between loads. Except I can't leave it open or my son would crawl in there! So the gunk grows.

OK, I'll try some but I don't want to pay shipping. Can't I find some locally? No, a few places might carry the all-purpose cleaner but no one carries the laundry detergent. I find a place that seems to have a good deal and place my order. Now all I have to do is use up the Tide I have and make the switch. Except every time I get low, dad goes out and buys more. Oops. OK, we are on the same page and have used up the Tide.

I have been using Charlie's Soap for a few weeks and I like it. There is less gunk in the washer, which is good. I haven't noticed any more softness in my clothes but that's OK. They didn't seem scratchy to me in the first place. I guess it helps to buy cotton.

My only problem is the powder all over the place. I hate that sticking to my hands. Yep, it's a sensory thing and I feel like I am back at the beach.