workout clothes

When I started walking a few weeks ago, the weather was cold and I wore pants. Now the temps are back to normal and it's downright warm when walking in the sun. I put on shorts but hate the way they bunch up and have to keep tugging them down. I found some of my workout shorts but frankly I am not brave enough to walk around the neighborhood in lycra. I put my regular shorts on over but they still inch up.

I saw a thin woman jogging in this adorable running skirt. Oh that's what I need! Sure I'd love to be a thin jogger but it's not in my genes. But what I can do is get a skort. No, it won't be adorable on me but it will make me feel more confident when walking. I need one meant for exercise with bike shorts underneath. I looked online and found a couple at Junonia. One had pockets which are mandatory. Yes, I know pockets aren't flattering but are the better alternative to fanny packs Fanny packs are so wrong and should never be worn on these big hips. I ordered a skort, dang they are expensive, and will let you know how it works out.