iPod cases

Let's see, I have had 5 iPods. I have had many more cases. I have tried the flip cases, the pouch cases, the silicone cases, the plastic cases, the metal cases and the leather cases.

The flip cases are annoying. That extra step of flipping seems like too much work. The pouch cases are even worse, I don't want to take it out of the pocket, then take it out of the pouch to see. The silicone cases are nice and grippy but then they tend to be too grippy in my pocket. And they let dirt in as well. The plastic cases seem cheap but usually aren't and then add too much bulk. They also don't seem to substantial enough to protect.

The metal cases seem less bulky but they can have their own problems. The iFrogz case I have will not accommodate the CallPod, the iMonster iCarPlay, nor the Sosche PassPort. The opening is too small. And the case fits so snugly that taking it off is a major pain.

My favorite case is the Vaja Case. They aren't cheap and do take quite a while to get.


I've tried going without a case. I find that I hit the power button too easily as well as the volume controls. Also, I have dropped it and need some protection from this.

Now that I have already spent $50 on 2 cases for my iPod Touch that I don't like, I realize that I should have spent the money for the one I know I would like.