love this scosche passPORT

I love my iPod Touch. As with my previous iPod, I like to listen in the car. I have a Monster iCarPlay to connect to my car's audio system. (it's not perfect and I have had to remove the car's attenna to reduce the intervention.) The firt time I plugged my iPod Touch in, I got a prompt that said I could not charge the iPod. Hmmm... I checked it out and found that my iCarPlay won't charge the iPhones & iPod Touch. OK, what about a new iCarPlay? Yes, there is one bit the reviews are not favorable. And other connectors either won't work because of design, too expensive or rated poorly.

I decide I can live with what I have as I don't drive around much. But I find that I have to recharge during the day if I am listening to podcasts, which I do. Then one day, I see something called passPORT. Hmmm... will this work for me? And the price is not too bad. So I add it to my wish list.

Last week, I went down to Brandon to the newer Apple Store and look for the passPORT. Of course, I went unprepared and could not temember the name of the passPORT. Luckily, the store is rather small and I soon found it and bought it (finding the checkout was almost as difficult). I got back to my car and pulled out my wicked Swiss Army knife to open the friggin clamshell packaging and connected the passPORT. It works and I'm happy.