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The Body Artist: A Novel The Body Artist: A Novel by Don DeLillo

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I can't remember reading this so I started again. The first chapter seems familiar but that is all.

I am through Chapter 6 and am finding this very different from what I am used to reading. What IS a body artist?

It was interesting to say the least. It starts rather innocently with a husband, Rey, and wife, Lauren, during their breakfast routines. Next we see the husband's obit from his suicide. The rest of the book deals with the Lauren's grief and life afterwards.

Lauren goes back to the house they were renting and in a few days finds a man in one of the bedrooms. The man is odd. I think he is autistic. He speaks but mostly in echolalia. He repeats things that he heard Rey and Lauren say before the Rey died.

Lauren does not contact the authorities but tapes the man saying these things. Is it because she want to pretend Rey is still alive? Or is it because she plans to use them in her act? Eventually, the man she named Mr Tuttle leaves and is found and in another mental hospital.

Lauren does her act in the city then goes back to the house even after the lease is up.

The woman needs some therapy!

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