hello, larry

I was starting off on my walk the other morning and I spotted Larry. Larry works as a bagger at Publix. As a rule, I try to avoid him because he insists on taking my groceries out to my car. I prefer to do it myself but Larry will not relent.

Hello Larry. Hello. What are you do? Looking for work. What?! What about Publix? I still work for them. I do yard work as a second job. I have all my tools with me.

I hadn't noticed the backpack he was carrying. We got to talking and I finally walked back to my house with Larry. For $10 an hour he will weed and prune. OK. Can I call my sister to let her know where I am? She worries about me. Larry is 57 and lives with his sister. He doesn't have a car nor a cell phone.

I returned from my walk and Larry was on his hands and knees pulling weeds by hand.

I took Andy to lunch and got him a new bike helmet and got a few things from Publix. When we came home, Larry was still working. Both beds in front were done and he was starting on the side. But I had to tell him to stop because he had been working for 5 hours and I only had $50. He quit and said he would go try to look for more work.

Andy wanted to ride his bike so I sat down outside. Larry did too and we talked. He is a nice guy if not a little strange. He stayed past 4 pm. He is coming back next Tuesday.