when kids with autism get sick

It's not fun when kids get sick. When kids with autism get sick, well, it's even less fun. They let the snot run down their faces or better yet, wipe in anything that is close like furniture, wall, the dog or you. When they are stuffed up and can't breathe, they will either gasp for breath or snort until they are clear. They cough and sneeze over everything. Constant reminders to cover their mouths and noses cede only minimal results.

You could try some cold medicine but chances are they won't take it. Even worse if you try to force the issue and they get so upset that they vomit. You could try to slip into their drink. But they would probably taste it and refuse to drink anything again. Yes, they are that stubborn.

Vomitting brings up even more frustrations. Kids don't know how to express themselves well. Kids with autism just puke where ever and whenever they need to. Most of us know to puke in the toilet. Unfortunately, kids with autism have issues with the toilet. They are late to potty train. Trying to make them to stick their face into a place where they defecate just does not make sense to them. Try a large bowl, a bucket or even a towel. Plan on washing lots of laundry.

Remember when you were sick and were fed toast or chicken soup? They don't eat those things on a regular day, no way will they even get close to them while they are sick. The same with drinks. You grew up sipping flat coke or ginger ale. Kids with autism have their preferred drink(s) and will not alter. Milk is not a good thing to drink when one has gastroenteritis, but dehydration is worse. The other child walks around with his juice but won't drink. He wants it refilled as the ice melts. Perhaps the sound of the ice tapping the plastic is soothing to him?

Lord help you if they get sick enough to need to visit the doctor. They don't like the doctor in a regular visit, why would they like the doctor when they are sick? And if they do require antibiotics, expect lots of struggles taking the meds. The syringe type dispenser can be helpful.

In other words, we just went through 2 weeks of the plague in our house. The boys are fine now and are finally eating and drinking as they regularly do.