splash shopper

I started using Splash Shopper years ago on my Palm. I love using it. If I run out of something, I go to the list, click it and it adds it to the need list. When I am planning on going to the store, I scroll through the list and it jogs my memory of things I will probably need, things I should buy every week but sometimes forget.

At the store, I click on need and see only the items I need to buy. I click on each item as I put it in my cart and the item disappears. If I stick with the list, I save money.

You can do more than grocery lists. You can set up lists for books, music & videos, gift ideas, vacation planner and to dos. There is even a default emergency list reminding you to check smoke detectors and give your neighbor your emergency contacts.

This new version has the ability to email your list. You can send your list to your husband while he is at work. Or make up a wish list and send it your friends before your birthday.