no more music, no more books

I am on a hiatus from buying. I have too much I haven't heard and too much I haven't read.

I can look and add to my wish list buy NO buying.

How long? I don't know. Easter? Maybe longer. I think I will try for no new music through May. And books? Until I read and get rid of a couple of shelves' worth.

What about magazines? Can I limit them to one a month when the boys get their hair cut and we go to the bookstore as a reward?

I haven't even posted this and have failed. I was at Barnes & Noble on Thursday and got a book and a magazine. Then was back at B&N on Friday with the boys and got 2 more magazines. And I purchased one $.99 tune from iTunes. ugh

Isn't typical that when you cannot have something is when you crave it most. I saw LOTS of bargain books I would love to have. sigh