8 december


I am starting a new routine today. Well, I've done it before but... I am going to my meet-up then walking. I am going to walk either at Lettuce Lake Park or one of the numerous parks along the Hillsborough River. I'll stick to the paved trails on wet days.

My dad is going to mass so I'll be late to my meet-up. I love how he never thinks about his standing commitment to make sure Ryan gets on the bus. His obligations come first whatever they may be.

I packed up my new backpack. It's more than I need for a trail walk but I love its versatility. I only wish it had a bottle holder and perhaps straps for a tripod. The laptop sleeve is pretty nice and makes me wonder if I should get a laptop instead of a desktop. I really want a bigger screen and I could hook up another monitor. But a desktop makes for financial sense. I really don't go many places I need a computer. And my iPhone does much of what I need. So... when I win the lotto, I'll get myself a laptop. Of course you have to play to win and I don't play.


After all that, I never took my camera out of my bag. The walk was nice but there really wasn't much to photograph. I took a few shots with my iPhone.


Meet-up was fine. Though it was pick-on-Sharon-day and I didn't get the memo.

I was hungry for a sandwich and thought I'd try Panera. It was just past 11 am and the parking lot was full. So I went to McAlister's. I haven't been there since my chiropractor moved. The manager, Les, was still there and still cute. He didn't remember me but that was a few stones ago.


I tried out Flatwoods for walking. It was OK but it is really geared more towards bikers. The trails are long so I ended up going back the way I came. It wasn't very interesting.


I wore my new hiking shoes. Remember the days when you had to break in hiking books? I don't but I think I should have done something with these. I have hot spots at the junction of the balls and pads of me feet. No blisters yet. Maybe I need different socks? Remember the days when tube socks worked for any and all athletic adventure? (There are blisters but they didn't swell up with goo.)

Ryan teacher wants to test him for gifted. It makes me chuckle.