Wednesday and nowhere to go.

I feel a bit like a cage animal on the days I don't have to go anywhere. I know I should stay home and get stuff done but I just want to go out and play. No, not shop, because that gets me in trouble. But go walk and take pictures.

I walked today. Darn ankle is making too much noise. I tried to stay home today. But once I finished lunch I was itching to go out. Yes, I ended up at Starbucks. What DO they put in their drinks to make me want to go back everyday? Carrie took her break and chatted with me. She is so nice. She is from Michigan, near Kalamazoo. She said she would exercise with me anytime, though she is usually at work when I walk. But... why would a 25 year old want to hang out with someone who is old enough to be her mother?

The family album pages came today. Do they seem a bit dark? Maybe it is time to calibrate my monitor? My Christmas cards have not arrived. Both were ordered and shipped at the same time though in separate orders.

I ordered customer Starbucks gift cards for the teachers. I was a little disappointed that they were $4 extra for the customization. I did pay it. Oh! I forgot Ryan's inclusion specialist. She loves Starbucks too. It's odd that you have to place each card in a separate order. Though you can order multiples of the same card.

I made oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. The recipe said 5 dozen but I was just shy of 8. I used the smaller scoop and they are just right. And only 77 calories.

I stuck the brown bananas in the freezer. I'll make dad some muffins next week.

Storms are coming through tonight. There is a tornado watch until 4 am. Weird for this time of year.