22 december

Another cold day. Brrr!

It's the boys' last day of school. I have a photo meet-up and some errands to run. We are on our last bin liner and I need to get my dad's gift. In the past, I have gotten him Home Depot gift cards. He has been quite appreciative. But since he has been down here, he has only gone to Home Depot once. He has gone to Office Depot more so maybe I should get his gift card from there? Or maybe split them up? I don't know.

I also need to wrap 3 more gifts.


Meet-up was small. Three of us and I made brownies and brought cookies. I sent them home with Jeff.

Was warm then I walked outside and now I am chilled again.

Bonnie called. She's been so busy and it's only going to get worse.

I ended up getting gift cards from Home Depot and Office Depot for dad.

I almost missed Carrie leaving work. She was walking out as I was driving up. I hope the shoes fit.

I am going to miss my daily visits to Starbucks. Sure, dad could watch the boys but it seems selfish to go. I will get out enough with church, photo meet up and chiropractor appointments.