21 december

It's cold today. Cold! Not technically freezing but worse for us with thin Floridian blood. Andy is wearing his balaclava, ALL the way up. Also a down vest over his jacket. (We don't have enough really cold days to warrant winter jackets.) Ryan is wearing pants and shoes! Holy smokes!

I was really grateful for my tea staying warm for over two hours. It's nice to just make a double cup at one time and then savour it.


I decided to make brownies first then walk hoping the temps would rise. Then dad started washing windows and talking about mopping the kitchen floor.

I began to put somethings away so he could mop, then started sweeping and then I mopped the floor. Huh? How did that happen? Guilt plus I hate the smell of the chemicals he used prompted me to take action. I used some Stanley Degreaser and my Sh-mop. More elbow grease required but not harsh chemicals used. My dad "supervised" while I was mopping. Joy.

Now it's 10:25, the temps are up but I am sweaty and tired. Oops.


At the bank in the drive thru. Slow today. Three lanes ope but only one teller. What's the point of opening the other lanes? False sense of importance?

The gift card folders came out really cute. And they were easy too.


Waiting outside for the bus. It's still cold. I may have to grab my sweater.

My barista friend, Carrie, is having a bad day. She lost her phone somewhere between the parking lot and inside the store. Besides that, the poor girl has a big old hole in her shoe and her sock. Her foot is black what walking with holey shoes & socks during work. She is going to Michigan on Thursday and has no boots. Carrie also has big feet.

I remembered my hiking books which have been sitting unused since I moved down here. I offered them to her and she accepted. I got home and grabbed two other pairs of shoes Andy barely wore. Hopefully they will all fit.

Veggie burrito from Tijuana Flats is so yummy!