Oh wow. I forgot to do a blog post for Monday. Well, it's not like anything exciting happened. Though we were ALL happy that the boys returned to school. I do not look forward to Christmas break. We will have to schedule some outings to keep Ryan from going bonkers.

We had someone new to the photography meet -up today. I wonder what she thought about it. Our meetings are unstructured and loose. We talk about cameras and photography and computers... Jeff talked about a possible trip to the Galapagos Islands. It's not something I can imagine doing anytime in the next few years. It's something that came up and the price is good but I still don't have $5000 pluse feel comfortable leaving the boys for that long.

There are those in the group who are older, retired or semi-retired, and who have the money to take such trips. I am not there. Though it would be nice to go sometime in the next 10 to 20 years. Gotta find that rich and supportive husband...

I went to Lettuce Lake Park after the meeting. They have increased the entrance fee to $2 and have made it mandatory. It used to be the honor system buy now they have a gate house with a park ranger. I walked along the jog/bike path. It's paved and mostly flat. There were few people around. There are some interweving nature trails. I stayed clear since I didn't want to see any snakes. Maybe I will try them next time. I wore my older sneakers and it was a mistake. After a mile, my knee and ankle were hurting. The path is 1.2 miles and I only did one loop. Next time I will wear the better shoes and hope to go twice around.

I drove up Morris Bridge to Shannon's. I passed Flatwoods Park and a couple of other parks. I need to check them out. There might be some good trails. (There are lots of trails. I will have to try them after the Tuesday meetings.)