18 december

Rainy today and Ryan has to turn in his invention. He didn't want me to drive him to school. So we put two garabge bags over the display board so he could carry it easily.

Dad's 81st birthday. I made him Pecan Pie. It was my first attempt and I used Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook. I screwed up one pie shell by not being patient and used the microwave. But I didn't read the directions and it melted. Who knew 30 seconds could do so much damage? The next one I read but still overdid it. A portion fell off and it ended up pretty lopsided. I followed the directions but when I poured the filling into the pie, there weren't enough pecans. So I added a few more, then a few more, then a few more until the bag was empty. It looks good, except for the lopsided crust.

I have two presents left to wrap. I still need to get some gift cards or cash. Hate being broke.

I am baking peanut butter cookies. It's my first time. I am not a fan of peanut butter cookies. I do like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (crunchy with raspberry preserves). But I don't care for most things made with peanut butter except for miniature Reeses cups (refrigerated and only a few) and Nutter Butter Cookies.

The recipe calls for a cup of natural peanut butter. Natural? We'll see... I haven't had peanut butter in almost two years and it's the first time I checked labels. I didn't realize all the crap they put in there. I ended up with Smucker's All Natural Creamy. Supposedly you don't need to stir it but...

Of course I had to taste it. Hmm... not sweet. Which would be good on pb&j. Will it be OK in cookies? This recipe calls for whole salted peanuts which I skipped. (Oh is the lack of salt going to be a problem?) I tasted the batter and reminds me of Nutter Butters! I might just like peanut butter cookies.

Someone goofed. The recipe says to bake for 25 minutes. What?! I set the time for 22. At 17 minutes, I could smell them from the other room. They were well done. Next I tried 10 minutes and that was not enough. Thirteen minutes is a bit too much. Twelve minutes seems to work. These cookies taste good but are too dry. They crumble in your mouth. Hmm...