12 december


Still felt cold this morning. I took a shower and dressed in long trousers, long sleeved shirt and socks. I went outside to put mail in the box and realized how warm it was. Now I am uncomfortably warm.

So this (well known) photographer has been handing out year awards. A photographer I know was awarded Best Photograph of 2009. I agree the photograph is excellent. What I don't get it the arrogance of the (well known) photographer to hand out awards like he is the authority on the matter.

A year ago, I had never heard of this man. I am not sure how I found him, probably through someone's podcast. He has his own podcasts where he talks about the right way, his way, of doing things. He is somewhat polite when he disagrees with someone else but I sense a lot of hostility brewing beneath the surface.

This photographer has created quite the following on Twitter mostly by giving some great stuff. He doesn't ask for much in return. You only need to follow him in order to be eligible to win.

But there is a dark side to this man. It is a given that many people for someone for a chance to win a prize. And many then unfollow after the contest is over. This man had his staff go through those who unfollowed him and block their accounts. They would not be allowed to follow him again for the next contest. Yes, he tweeted that he was doing so on Twitter.

Some may think kudos to him for being so bold. But I think he is taking the whole follow thing a bit too personally. He does not engage in conversations on Twitter. He posts a few times a day, mostly with links to his blog. He does respond to tweets directed at him. But I doubt he reads any other tweets.

Furthermore, don't tweet bad about him. He will block you.

He is probably a nice guy. But something about him... I just don't trust.