11 december


Chilly this morning, only 50. It's only supposed to get to 60.

Andy is going to Special Olympics Basketball today. He is supposed to wear his S.O. yellow t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants. Jeans are not allowed. He got dressed in shorts today. I suggested he might want to wear his track pants (he doesn't have any sweatpants) but he said no. Until he went outside. He came back in and changed.

My walking skirt was still damp from yesterday. I still put it on. My body heat dried it out. My shoes felt a little damp but I never felt it through my socks.

My walk was cool and breezy but good. I enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas decorations. I saw about 6 or more of the same Jesus, Mary & Joseph set up. There must have been a sale at the walmarts because it was rather cheap and ugly looking plastic. Most of the balloons were deflated. Maybe Andy & I will go out and look at everything at night.

(Ugh. Just spent about 15 minutes updated this post, clicked save, and it lost it. WTH! I am not having good luck with computers these past days.)

I came home from my walk to find that my dad had restarted the computer because the wireless had lost connection. I logged in and everything went downhill.

I had updated Things earlier but didn't restart the computer. (It's not necessary.) Things is set to start when I login. Things crashed. OK, not a biggie. But then every app afterwards crashed. Huh? I tried restarting again, the same problem. I tried to repair disk but Disk Utility crashed. I tried to disable login items but System Preferences crashed.

I pulled out Disk Warrior and fired it up. DW takes a while so I went to shower, dress, wrap gifts, make lunch... I restarted the computer and the same thing happened again. UGH. So, I took a deep breadth and went to Starbucks.

I came home later and tried the boot disk which was a week old. Everything worked fine. OK, I knew I had to restore the HD with the boot disk and started the procedure. I sat down to think about what info I would lose. My music and photos are stored another an external hard drive which was not affected. I might lose some of the changes I did in Lightroom but hopefully I could restore from a more recent catalog using Time Machine.

By the time I restored the hard drive, it was time for the boys to come home so I just left the computer alone. I'll work on it during the weekend.