10 december


Today is Teresa Lenard's birthday. Though I think she is Teresa Monier now. Or at least she was back in 1993 when we got the Grosse Pointe South Alumni Directory.

I haven't heard from her or seen her since before 1993 and yet I can't forget her birthday. It's not written anywhere just stuck in my head. And I barely think of her except on December 10.


I went out walking and got caught in the rain. My shoes which have lots of breathable mesh were soaked and squishing in only a few minutes.

Now the temperature has dropped and it's under 70. Brrr!

I am slowly working through another set of zoo photos. I need to shoot something else. Our meet-up group is having a photowalk downtown on Monday. I am planning on going.

Hersey's came out with several new seasonal verieties of Kisses. At least I have never seen them before. There is Candy Cane, Cherry Cordial, Irish Cream and Meltaway. I thought the last two looked good so I picked up a bag of each yesterday. I first tried them at room temperature. Eh. I prefer my chocolate refrigerated. I tried them again today. The Irish Cream smells like Bailey's but I am not fond of the taste. I think the Meltaways are better but still nothing special. I'll add them to cookies boxes I am giving for gifts.