I awake Friday to an email stating that my web site account has been suspended due to malicious hacking & phishing. What?!

All of my sites are suspended. Fudge! I don't have time for this! I have to get ready for the garage sale.

I see Andy on the bus and call hostmonster. The tech is very nice and he quickly finds the offensive hack and I remove the files. Meanwhile, Ryan needs an invention idea and for me to sign the paper, then he needs help in the bathroom.

Finally the sites are back up. Whew!

I see Ryan off to school and debate about working on the garage and going for a walk. I get an email from Nancy saying that dad is on his way here.


Will he take 2 days like he said he would earlier this week? "He said he would stop if he gets tired." Great. We have haircuts tonight so we may not be here when he arrives.

I decide a walk though a shorter one will be good for the stress I am feeling at the moment.

It doesn't take long to set up for the sale. I have had the items collected so it's just a matter of putting the items on the tables. Of course I feel like I should have gotten more items from the store but I always put it off.

I have to run errands so I missed my dad's call saying he will be here about 5. Yep, we will miss him so I have to write a note. I tell him to call if he wants Chick Fil A.

He does call.

Surprise !

Because of the time change, it's getting dark by the time we Chick Fil A. Ryan doesn't like being out in the dark. He has both interior lights on in the back of the van. Andy loves being out after dark. I ask Ryan if he wants me to take him home and we can see Poppa, drop off Poppa's chicken then take Andy to the bookstore. I'll take Ryan to the bookstore tomorrow.

Yeah, I know I spoil them. But life is better when they are happy and feel like they have choices.


The boys hug poppa!

In the past when my dad has arrived, the boys hide in the playroom for 15-20 minutes before they come out and say hello. They could be shy or they could be avoiding bringing in any of dad's stuff.

This year, he was in the house when we got home. Both went right up to him. Ryan let poppa hug him. Andy nearly tackled poppa because he is so much bigger.


Lying in bed before the alarm goes off. I tell Andy I need to get dressed for the garage sale. "I'll get dressed too."

The garage sale went well. Jo noticed I lost weight which felt good. Then Roe showed up and she has lost even more weight. She looks great and I am happy for her but feel fatter at the same time.


I have to check my iPhone and find an email staying that my account has been suspended again. Fudge! I have to just let it go for now, no time.

The last 2 hours of the sale go by SO SLOW but I am happy to get rid of the roll top desk and the old blue dresser. The bookshelf and bike don't sell but that's OK. I will put the bike on Craig's List. I made over $300!

I work on the site through the FTP and get rid of the hacked files. And I even go through and install the latest security patch before I call hostmonster.


Hostmonster has a 3 strikes rule. If I get hacked and suspended for phishing again, they will not reinstate my account. All my stuff will be gone.

I take the store off-line just waiting to see what will happen. I don't even want to post to my blog in fear of something bad happening. Stress!

I think about this the rest of the day. Thinking that any email that comes in might be bad news.

Because we did it once, Andy claimed this as a tradition so I take him out to lunch after the garage sale. He is happy to leave Ryan at home so we can eat inside. And he can play.

I get home only to leave again to take Ryan to the bookstore.

I got an iPhone app called Nice List. It's a Christmas list. It's cool because it keeps track of your estimated costs. I see that my list for Andy is $300 more than my list for Ryan. Oops. I will have to save some of those things for Andy's birthday.


I also see why I am always so broke around the holidays and reduce the amounts of some of the gift cards.


I go to Starbucks instead of church.


Andy's teacher walks in. Busted. She and her boyfriend are going to a VW car show in Dad City. Oh that would be cool to photograph. Uh, Dad...?

I didn't go to the car show. I started the routine of getting fries from Wendy's for lunch. Then I fix hot dogs for Andy when I get home. In the past, I would have snarfed down a cheeseburger before I got home. But the smell of Wendy's makes me sick. I fix eggs and tomatoes at home.