thursday 11.5


This week has been spent getting ready for my garage sale and attempting to clean off my desk. I had to get new garage sale signs since I never got mine back from Sue.

I went to Lowes and checked out their curtain rods. They have a better selection that Lowe's and the prices are comparable. They also have a better selection of fan pulls.

I had intended on getting a nice mirror for Andy's room. But I couldn't resist $6 for a door mirror. OK, $10 when you add in the hardware. Now I just need to add it to the list of things to install.

I was determined to actually flip my king sized mattress instead of just rotating it. It took some manuveuring bit I got it down. So nice to have a stain free mattress. (Before you go there, it's from the boys sleeping with me. Don't judge!)

I've been walking everyday and I already bored with the neighborhood route. I need to find new places. The weather has cooled down enough where I don't sweat much during my walk.