wednesday 11.4


I've started a new blog.


Why? Especially when this blog is so lame. And my 3 faithful followers almost cringe every time they see a new post.

Oh no. More whining and complaining but at least she includes a photo.

Well, see that's the point. It seems like I use this to vent and moan with few hurrahs in between.

My new blog is where I put those snarky snippets. And where they will stay unless I can put a positive spin on them. Further, I won't be linking to it. It's best left somewhat anonymously. In fact, it should be the kind of things written in a journal but seeing as I almost always have computer access but don't always have pen & paper...

So this will continue to be my (somewhat) daily blog though it may not be posted daily.

Thank you to my 3 faithful readers who continue to wind their way through my rambles.