tuesday 11.3


I wish I knew what was happening to our weekly photography meetings. They were halted when the leader when to Maine for a couple of weeks. I know he is back but there have been no new meetings on the calendar. I emailed him but haven't heard back.

So I walked again. Even with my wonky shoes, I feel good. And my pace is getting a bit quicker.

Andy had a dentist appointment. He did well but would not allow the x-rays. Andy prefers Dr Duga but he had left so we were seen by Dr Feeney. Andy was fine, I am the one who doesn't care for her.

Andy still likes to play at Chick Fil A. Even though he is way too tall they allow it since he is mostly harmless. He does not intentionally bump into people. Ryan has not liked going into CFA for years. So we do the drive through when Ryan is around.

Andy has taken over the laptop now that it sits on the desk. This makes Ryan a bit upset so he mostly hangs out in his bedroom. I had to ask him to come out and look at shoes. Bad moods means he hates everything. Sigh. I did get him approve some Converse slipons. They should arrive Wednesday!