Sitting at CFA while Andy plays. We went to the Hillsborough River State Park for a photowalk. We walked about 2 1/2 miles. It's a nice park and rather close. I want to go back with my tripod and practice moving water shots. I need a neutral density filter.

There was a big turn out but I didn't know a lot of the people. Most were from the NPPF and I haven't gone to any of those meetings.

The park has 2 bridges crossing the river. One is a suspension bridge. It does move but not enough to bother me. It might bother Ryan. Andy thought it was cool to make it move.

The park has several playgrounds and Andy said he wanted to play but just sat on the swing. I think he was tired. I made him keep moving so we could go home.

I think I need a moisture wicking top. I am just wearing a long sleeve cotton t shirt and it was damp after an hour. I do have some but in sizes too small at the moment.


Didn't get much done this afternoon. Was catching up on Twitter when Bonnie called. Then it was 6:30 and time for dinner. Though I did take advantage of Lands' End 25% off sale. Twice. I ordered some jeans for myself. I haven't worn jeans in about 13 years. I ordered some "mom" jeans as I just don't understand the low riders. Especially when the back pockets are halfway down the thigh. I think it looks stupid like you can't get your jeans up over your bum. It looks bad even on the skinny girls.


Just finished dinner. I made some kind of bean soup. I used a mix from the store and added garlic, onion, celery and canned diced tomatoes. The only tomatoes I had were Ro-tel so I not sure if that is what caused the kick. It was OK. I think fresher beans might have been better.

I want to learn how to make more soups. I got a recipe book called Taste of Home. They are separated by type of meat used. I want to find more vegetarian recipes that my dad will like. The only issue with the book is that there is no mention of slow cookers. I like to set it and forget it until I am hungry.

I spent too much time online looking for hiking shoes. I do have hiking boots which I have not worn in over 10 years. But now that I realize there are trails do close to home, I will go back more often. Speaking of the photowalk, I finally did a first pass on my photos. There aren't great. I really needed my tripod and macro lens. But I need to do that without kids.

Anyway, I found a few pairs I would like to try. I wish we had an REI around. Dick's does carry a couple of the styles online. Hopefully they have some in the store I can try.

I was looking at Klean Kanteens an found that they make thermoses. I know I was drawn into Sigg with their Swiss pedigree and pretty designs. I have 2 of the Sigg insulated travel mugs but am not 100% satisfied by them. For one, they do not recommend using them for hot beverages. I did and stained the interior. These are not stainless like Klean Kanteen and Thermos brand. The lids occassionally leaks when I drink making look lovely with wet marks down my shirt. I do not put them through the dishwasher and you can hear water slosh inside the layers. Or maybe it is between the plastic and the metal. Either way, it sometimes drips from the bottom. I like that Klean Kanteen is an American company. And that you can get a café top for your insulated kanteen do you can drink in the car. But then you can have the regular top to make it spillproof.