The boys went to school today. Ryan was coughing less, Andy was about the same. I do wish Andy would learn cold etiquette. I tell him to use a tissue or cover his mouth but he forgets it with the next sneeze and cough.

I went to my photo meet-up this morning. I like being on time. I really need to get some photos together so I can share. Ryan seems to ask the most questions of anyone. He seems high need.

I got my hair cut today. The times goes by too quickly. I need more friends to chat with. I was telling D about my friend M, who is vegan. I explained what vegan was and talked about how many things are not vegan that you don't even think about. M had said he wouldn't use products from Arm & Hammer because they test on animals. But Arm & Hammer makes baking soda. And I have yet to find anyone else who makes it. Baking soda is essential is cooking and cleaning safely in the home. What can you use instead? D said, "I couldn't live my life like that. It's too complicated." I agree. Because vegans do not wear leather, that means belts and shoes are most likely synthetic. And aren't most synthetics oil based? Which is better for the environment? If we all become vegan what happens to all these animals? There are so many questions that I don't know the answer to. I do agree that we need to reduce our consumption of meat. But I am not ready to make the next step. My family certainly isn't.

Can I rant a bit about drivers being rude? Heck, I could fill a blog post and I probably will at some point. I really HATE when people pull out in front of me when they don't need to and cannot or don't accelerate fast so I have to break, a lot. Really. It's just rude!

Dad did eat some banana bread and said it was dry. Crud! I think I cooked it too long. I know he will eat it unless his bowels act up. He said he thought about buying a pumpkin pie but saw that I had pie filling. I got the pie crusts and whipped cream today. Yeah, I know. I should be making it from scratch. But we prefer the canned filling. And I don't trust myself to make pie crust just yet.