Sunday started out as a pretty good day. I was finally able to wear a skirt I hadn't been able to wear in years. I have 3 "chino" skirts from Eddie Bauer and all have fun prints. I have been wanting to wear them for quite a while but they were just too snug. OK if I never sat down. Right, in my dreams. It's great to have 3 more options of clothes especially since some, OK most, of my shorts are wearing thin. I'd rather buy a smaller size and hopefully I will be able to do so.

The rest of the day was somewhat uneventful. Or maybe it's just a blur since I was on the phone with Bonnie long enough to kill 2 phone batteries. To be fair, my batteries are in need of replacement as I barely get an hour out of each one.

Then that evening I got an email stating that my account was suspended due to phishing. Oh good golly! Again? How? Why? I looked but didn't find anything. At least not in the place they attacked before. Needless to say I was quite upset. Some strong arms to hug or a shoulder to cry on would have been very much appreciated.

I called hostmonster and "Ryan" helped me find the malicious code. He had said that the hackers had probably created a "back door" so even with the new scripts installed, they had their opening and could come and go as they please. Nice. Then I had to be transferred to "Zack in Abuse" to discuss my case. How can I find the hack? I don't have the skills. I could get a web developer to help but the store has not been generating enough income any to justify the cost. I said I would just delete the cart script and he said that would be OK and they would review my site after it was deleted. Of course I couldn't use their uninstall feature as my site was suspended. I manually deleted everything I thought might be causing the problems. It took a while. I called back and spoke to "Ryan" and he helped get my sites back up. Yay!

But then linnecards.com led to an ugly directory. How could I redirect the address to the blog? I thought I could just forward the domain through GoDaddy. I found out in the morning that this screwed things up. So I took off the forward and the blog and forums came back up. Hmm... what can I do? I duplicated the blog under linnecards.com. I posted that this blog was moving to the new address and will delete in a couple of weeks.

So now I am failed entrepreneur. I knew the store wasn't going to survive but I had hoped to have some clearance sales first. I will have to liquidate most of this stuff by way of garage sales. Though I have thought about making up some lots of merchandise and sell online. There are some wholesalers who forbid eBay sales but it's not like I plan on ordering from them again.

There is no rush and I will start working on this after the holidays.

And I will start thinking that now I can really focus on photography and perhaps turn the living room/office/store into a studio.