8:46 pm and I just realized I never started this entry. Hmm... what did I do today?

I helped Ryan get his bibliography for his invention. He had said resources earlier then said bibliography last night. Grr... I told him to work on it when he got up but... I just love being rushed. All we could do was pick some books to purchase. He had the nerve to complain that he needed the city of publication but they don't post that on the website. He also complained about the websites didn't have dates or cities. Sorry dude.

I walked. Over 2.5 miles. Really? It didn't seem that far. I figured out I can use my iPhone camera when Run Keeper Pro is running. It save a few clicks that way.

My dad has been losing his appetite for foods he has been eating regularly. So he came back from the grocery store with blueberry muffins, black cherry ice cream and Win Schuler's bar cheese. I was only tempted for a few minutes until I realized all the faux food in that stuff and calories!

Dad also brought back 3 foil micro loaf pans. Yes, I told him I had found some and was going to pick them up today. No, he doesn't listen. I'll use them as gifts for cookies.

I went to Williams Sonoma to get the mini loaf pans. I love wandering around. So many fun things. I got some Peppermint Snow as a Christmas gift for my sister. She loves candy cane ice cream.

At Michael's I saw more Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark. I fell in love with that stuff last year. I looked at the calorie count and saw over 200 for each serving. And one bar is 2 servings. I put it back.

I made a run to Target for Claritin. I use the Target brand which is cheaper and I can get a bottle of 100 tablets. Somehow I spent an additional $100. OK, I got another Christmas gift, some stocking stuffers and vitamins. How exciting!

I edited my zebra shots from 680+ down to about 300. I need to decide which ones to develop further. Looking at them blown up to 100% made me want to reach out and touch that velvety beast. There was no way to make them look like they were in the wild. All I can do is blur the background to take the emphasis off the enclosure. I did delete to shots of them pooping. Yep, I managed to get all 3 of them pooping at separate times.

My ankle was really bugging me this afternoon. I had iced it after my walk and it was fine until about 3:30. I finally had to take some ibuprofen.