What the ...?

I go to move Ryan's planner and see a note attached. Seems he has missed 3 assignments this week. Grr... He needs to bring money? What? (I'm sure this is all explained at open house but since I can't go...) Getting the information out of Ryan is trying at best. He needs $.05 per page. How many pages? It will take forever to figure this out. Grr... We finally determine he needs $.15 and I tell him to get his piggy bank. He comes back with the bank and tears in his eyes and I can't do it. I give him the money but tell him next time he has to pay. sigh...

I check my email to see a message from Verizon about me cancelling my Internet service. What? Um... no! I try to call bit it's automated and you can't cancel a cancellation without speaking to a human and the offices are closed.

There were calls from Verizon after we hot FiOS tv but I figured they were curteosy calls. But... I go through 23 voicemails to make sure I didn't miss anything. Twenty of the calls were best left ignored, one from a customer trying to find the store (eyeroll), one from another customer who wants to know why the store is down for maintenance (read the blog!) and one from a club member but who has an out of state cell number so I didn't know to answer the call. Nothing from Verizon. Hmm...
(Update: I called and it was and old cancellation from October just making it to my mailbox. It was from when I postponed installation.)

I went to go recharge my camera battery and the light wouldn't show. Then it did come on but started flashing. Crap! That usually the battery is no good. I decided to try my other battery, which is pretty fresh, and the same thing happened. So I figured the charger went bad. I checked amazon and saw they were so expensive. The Olympus site was no help. So I googled and found the answer. I needed to clean the contacts with alcohol and now it is showing a steady red light which means charging. I love google. I saved $50.

At the zoo but there are also 800 hundred school buses. Give or take 6.


Oh it gets better. I don't have my membership card. Is it my purse? Will they let me use one of the boys passes?


It was no problem to get in. Yay!

I had to walk to the end of the zoo to find the 3 zebras. They are with the rhinos and a big fat rhino hid the zebras from view. I did find another viewing area and for a while I was alone. Then those school kids found me. sigh... I took hundreds of shots hoping I will get a good one. I did put on my longer zoom but I shake so much with it. I used burst mode so I have triples of everything. The male zebra did finally stand and looked directly at me. When they stood perpendicular to me, the camera had a hard time focusing. Mother nature at work.

I went to Bed Beth & Beyond to get a slow cooker. Their website shows they carry the same one as amazon for the same price. With their 20% off coupon, I could save $10. But they don't carry it in the store. I decided to get mini loaf pans but they don't carry any. I wonder why?

I got some greenish oranges at Shannon's. I was told they are ripe it just hasn't been cold enough to make them get orange. Hmm...

Andy's bus driver has been messing with the schedule. Each day he arrived earlier than the last. Today I was ready and they were "late." oh well, it was nice to be outside.