Weekends are nice because I can relax a bit. Hang out in bed for an extra hour and doze, as long as Andy is quiet and still. I can check my email while sipping some hot tea before I decide to fix my own breakfast...

Heck in a handbasket!

My site was hacked again! I don't understand it. I applied the security patch but they still found a way in. I guess I need to upgrade but I am not at all confident in doing so.

In the past, I have asked my friend Kim to help. the last time she upgraded, there was some problem but I can't remember what happened. Anyway, she has shied away from helping and also from scrapbooking in general. Seems that since she no longer has a full time job, she is busier than ever. Odd how that happens.

Anyway, I went to the support site and read the tutorials. It got me even more anxious. I even posted for some commercial help. But then decided to go ahead and install a new version. I did back up everything so I can revert back if I really want to. But I am going to try to make the cosmetic changes myself. Since there haven't been any sales, I am not losing any more money than usual.

In the middle of this, my computer went into kernal panic. Fudge! All this before breakfast. Are you sure today isn't Friday the 13th?

The combination of low blood sugar and caffeine is not so good so I decide to eat something. My usual oatmeal or maybe an egg? Oh how about a soft boiled egg using my new egg timer and egg cup. OK, the cooking was fine. The timer seems to work. Now how do I open this thing? Yes, I googled how to eat a soft boiled egg. Hmm... seems I don't have a special spoon but the regular one works OK as long as the opening is big enough.

Apparently there are egg toppers which will help you crack and open the egg easier; cheap egg topper; expensive egg topper and crazy expensive egg topper. For my first time, I did OK. No need to spend money on some fancy gadget I may not use often.

I did use this Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer. I wasn't sure so I pulled the egg out just past soft. The white was completely cooked, not runny at all. It was good but not enough. I thought about boiling another but decided to save time and fry one. My fried egg turned out runnier than the soft boiled. ;) Of course I had to add some cheese and it was good thing since I opened the "meat drawer" and saw the stewing meat. Oh right! I said I would beef stew today. I pulled out the slow cooker so I wouldn't forget, again.

After my breakfast I cut up the vegetables. Just onion, celery and carrots. I'll add the potatoes later. I realized the slow cooker is in need of replacement. It's not a crock pot but similar to this West Bend 84905 5-Quart Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker. The non stick interior is scratched up and probably not safe. I'll need to research them and get a new one. I did like that it wasn't as heavy as a crock pot and was supposed to be easier to clean. But those cheap non-stick appliances just don't last. The oblong shape took up less space in the cabinet and Cuisinart does have some similar. But theirs are more expensive. Not as bad as the All-Clad one but twice the price but...