The back of my van is filled with stuff to go to Salvation Army. The garage is cleared out and almost everything is put away. I can park my car in there today.

I have developed a new pain in my ankle. It started yesterday and I wasn't sure what caused it; standing at the garage sale? different shoes? going without shoes? It wasn't painful to move, only to walk. I thought I might have to skip my walk this morning.

But I got dressed anyway and put on my newest sneakers. It still hurt but not as much. As I did the morning stuff, the pain faded and eventually disappeared. So I did walk and it didn't hurt. Well, except for the regular arthritis.

I'm too young to feel old. (physically)

And yet when my dad is here, I revert. Hiding in my room so I don't have to talk to anyone.

I had my annual lunch with my other friend named Bonnie. We seemed to only be able to get together once a year because she is so busy. And the 2 hours goes by too quickly.

I got an iHome. It isn't the exact one I wanted but it's fine. And I used a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Apparently there have been weekly photography meet-ups all along. The calendar got deleted and Jeff didn't have the time to post everything again.

Oh well, I really didn't have time for them.

It was nice that I could get there on time this week.

After a month of resceduling, the Verizon FiOS has been installed. It's amazing how long it took considering that they used the exisitng cable wiring.

There are loads of cool features but it will go to waste. I just don't have the time for TV.

Debating getting an ebook or paperback. There is only a couple dollars difference in the two. The paperback is cheaper. With amazon Prime, I get free shipping.

• cheaper
• can share
• easier on the eyes

• no trees were killed
• no clutter
• can read anywhere
• can get instantly