wednesday 10.7


The bending and stooping and squatting while painting is really quite a workout. Just ask my legs.


Off to paint. This has gotten old real quick.


Painting straight walls gives me hope. Thought that is dashed by realizing I underestimated the amount of paint required. I have use 1 can of primer and 1 can of top coat. I only bought 2 cans of primer and 3 cans of top coat.


Top coat on. Noticed something odd when I went in. A portion of the wall, about 4" wide and 24" long is rippled. It wasn't before I applied the primer. It appears the paper on the drywall has separated from the backing. I sort of think I noticed years ago when Ryan's bed was there. Dad's bed will be there now so I am not going to worry about it. It probably happened during the building, perhaps the drywall got wet?


Painting done for another day. I wish I had the energy to tackle the last wall. But it's a lot of cutting in.. a closet, an angled wall, the door and its niche.

The bright spot is that I have been listening to "new" music. Singles I heard on All Songs Considered and purchased and a couple of albums I hadn't listened through. I burned CDs and am playing them on an older CD boom box in the hallway. With the bouncing of the walls, it sounds pretty clear in most of the house. I would love to have AirTunes but that required an airport express and some powered speakers. Someday...

I got a Wacom Bamboo Tablet today. (Thank you Bonnie!) I just need to clear off some space on my desk to use it. Currently I use my mouse on the left but I will need to use the tablet with pen on the right.

On a good note, I did find, scan and email the forms for my taxes.