tuesday 10.6


Today isn't starting too well. In fact things started to go wrong last night. I take a shower before I to bed because I live in Florida and it's nice to wash the days humidity off one's self. Last night I stepped into the shower and got my hair wet as if to wash it. D'oh! I do not wash my hair in the evenings because of what it will look like in the morning. Bed head nothing! A family of squirrels took up residence and threw a house warming party. It's also probably not a good idea to go to bed with wet hair when one has a cold.

I was woken up by Andy climbing into bed while Ryan was still there. Uh oh! Ryan hates not being the first out of bed. And the grumbling and whinging and banging doors began. Why didn't we hear the alarm at 5:15? Because Andy was playing with the clock again. Great. So Ryan continues to grumble and bang while Andy starts his tossing, turning and sniffling, snorting, getting out of bed to blow his nose and getting back in to bed, rinse and repeat. And to think I used to be a morning person.

Later, Andy had a few coughs and a sniffle. I made the mistake of saying, "Aw, you sound sick." Andy took this as the OK to stay home. No, you coughed once, you can go to school. Now he is grumpy.


Priming and one coat of paint done on shorter wall. Shorter was but large window with a lot of cutting in. I didn't use the straight edge at the ceiling. I didn't get as close but I didn't hit the ceiling either. I think it looks better. Chicken is baking. One more top coat and I can shower and go grocery shopping.

The fun never ends.

My brother called reminding me about my taxes. OK. It's on my list.

Got confused and thought it was an hour later so I rushed to the grocery store without a shower and with frizzy hair. On the way home I realized my mistake. Oops. And yet I still did not shower but played Bejeweled for an hour.