monday 10.5


Andy has shared his cold with me. I am drinking hot tea and sucking on ricola. I don't want to talk yet the boys keep asking me stuff.

I know I said I would start painting today but I am so tired. I hate being sick. Even worse when I have stuff that I (sort of) want to do. I'd rather just sit here and listen to tunes and doze.

9:25 Sanded and vacuumed. I was going to wait to vacuum but the area behind Andy's bed was bad. It has never been properly vacuumed because those bunk beds weight eleventy billions tons. Not so much dust as all those things he chews on and drops... bits of plastic and mangled legos.

I did a coat or primer. I am going to do another before the paint. It hard to tell with the crappy light but it looks uneven. The low VOC does have a smell but it isn't bad until you leave the room and come back.

1. I suck at cutting in.

2. I suck at painting.

3. I have no patience.

4. I have a very critical eye.

Crud. I need another coat but there isn't enough time before Andy gets home. I will have to do it tomorrow along with another wall.

I am not sure if this headache is from the paint or the cold or both. Frankly, I don't care. I just want it to go away.