weekend update 10.3


Saturday 10.3

I had too much caffeine yesterday and too late in the day. I slept OK but I am feeling hungover this morning. I got up at 6 but went to my chair and after reading some mail and tweets, passed out. And I had the hardest time waking up again.

Finally up and moving at 8:30. I start the laundry, the breakfast and my computer maintenance. I had eaten and go to restart the computer but it won't start up. I try several times and realize it may have gotten confused by me unplugging Time Machine and plugging in my Boot disk. D'oh! Unplug the mac boot but still it won't cycle through. I try the install disk which I don't want to reinstall everything. It does start up and I realize I can restore from Time Machine. I figured it might be hours but it gets done rather quickly. Then I hit restart...

And because the install disk is still in there, it cycles back to that. I try everything to eject it bit I can't because it is in use. Ugh! I am so not good at this troubleshooting crap.

I tried to choose another start up disk but the only choice it gave me was the time machine back up. I chose it knowing it wouldn't work. I get a white screen but I was able to finally eject the install disk.

I try a few more restarts and finally unplug the time machine back up. Then I get the folder and question mark icon. I try again using my mac boot. My computer does start up but this back up is from last Sunday. I cannot choose another start up disk and cannot plug in my time machine.

OK, now using SuperDuper! To restore from mac boot. Once the hard drive is up, hopefully I can disconnect mac boot, connect time machine and restore from this mornings back up. This restore will take a long time.

Computers are so frustrating!

Meanwhile, Ryan is playing with the Wii! It's been months since he played with it, maybe before Easter. The controller needed new batteries and I had to figure out how to set it up.

I am now restoring my hard drive from time machine. I did the restore from SuperDuper! but that was a week old and I wanted a newer version. It works, it just takes hours to complete.

Ryan played the wii for 2 hours. When he was done I said, "Do you want to ask Andy if he wants to play?" I don't think he'll want to play. I laughed. Ryan would have the wii to himself if he could. Andy did play bit only until I had lunch ready. Even though he won't eat right away, he thinks he has to quit. Ryan hid once Andy got the controls and has not come back out.

Feeling sleepy. Nap? Tea or make a card?

Sunday 10.4

I don't think yesterday's problems were entirely my fault. I didn't tell the computer to looks for the macboot disk. I really hope the computer can just last a few more months. I have too many other expenses coming up.

Talked to dad and now he is coming down the last week of October. So I have an extra week to get ready. I hope I won't need it for the painting but I will probably need it for cleaning up the house.

I moved Andy's bedroom furniture to the middle of the room. Those bunkbeds must weigh a bazillion pounds!

I have removed all the wall plates & switch plates and miscellaneous screws. I spackled but will probably have to do it again. The spackle was runny! (Ryan came to me later and said, "You removed the artifacts." Huh? "The light." Oh? The switch plate. I showed him it was OK to use and long as you didn't stick your fingers in the wires.)

I did spackle again. I need to sand, yuck.