friday 10.2


I checked all the paint supplies and tools. I found some roller and the refills. The brushes are rather stiff. But I am not going to buy anything else. The tools are in different places so perhaps I should gather and organize all the tools.

Being on a budget sucks. Mostly because I keep going over my limits.

OK I don't follow a budget but I should. I have little money to spend each month and expenses keep going up.

I paid my bills and checked my balance and go buy paint But I had forgotten about the bills I paid direct and not through my bank. Oops, there is no money left! So I fret and think what I can do until I can get some more money. Oh I have some rolled coins... a few dollar bills... I have a check to deposit but it won't be available right away. I need groceries today.

I decide on what grocery items I can wait to purchase but they are having sales and I get out of there with my usual haul for about 2/3 the regular cost. Yay!

Some good things happened. Bonnie called to tell me she got a way cool gift. She won't send it right away since I need to paint rather than play with it. I got a free tea latté. This may be a good weekend afterall. (Uh no... I am having computer issues.)