weekend update 10.25



10:36 and I already have 5 items completed on my to do list! Let's hope I don't fall asleep in this chair.

Just had an idea!

If I get rid of the shelf between the family room and dining room, I could get a small desk for dad's computer. It may be too close to my own space (dining room) but it would fit. The only thing on that shelf is stuff that can move into the office. Hmmm...


I went to hang the closet door and it won't go. There is a spring missing. But maybe it's for the best since the shelf I am going to move might be in the way of the door opening all the way. (It's not in the way. But I will let dad decide if he can fix it. ) So it's curtains for dad too. Actually, I doubt he minds the open closet. I can't remember him shutting his own except when Andy used to crawl in there and knock his clothes off the hangars.

On to some personal stuff. I am itching everywhere! And I think I know the cause... sugar! So it all started with my earlobes cracking. It happens every so often, not a big deal. It heals on its own and goes away. But I decided to look it ip last night. It is most likely eczema which is related to yeast or candida which is related to too much sugar consumption. OK I know I eat too much sugar. I have tried cutting down. But something else has happened in the last 3 weeks, I have stopped eating yogurt. I usually fix myself a yogurt smoothie as a treat after I walk. I have been painting and not walking so no smoothie. I think the yogurt helps keep all that yeast in check. So I will apply some topical creams and start eating my smoothies again and hope it clears up... Soon! (The lotrimin really cleared up things fast. Just need to remember to keep using it for 2 weeks.)

2:10 Most of the furniture is moved and in place. The boys' closests need some work. I have 4 shelves but don't know which closet the go to. I'll have to measure and check to see if I have the mounting brackets. If the shelves are for Andy's closet, I will have to remove the Christmas tree first. (They are for Andy's room. I hope to get them up this week.)

I found a quilt for Andy. It's one I got for the guest room. It has a yellow border and multiple patterns on the triangles. He likes it and that saves me $100. I put a blue quilt on Ryan's bed. He hasn't seen it yet. I doubt he will care. Both quilts are full size on twins beds so they fit nicely.


Quiet. The boys are in their rooms.

I looked at desks online. Do I go cheap, ie Target or expensive like Pottery Barn? I looked at Ikea but they are too modern for the rest of the place. I did find a simple desk at Crate & Barrel for $229. Since there is a store here there is no delivery. I will have to assemble it but that is not difficult. I have a dresser from them. While it is not "solid" it has lasted pretty well.


Darn. It looks like I have everything I need to put the shelves up in Andy's closet. Except motivation. It has disappeared for the day.




Listening to Fleetwood Mac and Lyndsey Buckingham today. I prefer the songs without Stevie Nicks singing lead.


My dad will be here Friday or Sunday. It depends if he is filling well enough to drive on Tuesday. Either way, I have a house to put back together and clean.

No time like the present. Bah.


A few years ago, my dad was helping me clean. He wanted to clean off the kitchen counter and I didn't have time to go through the stuff. I gave him a rubbermaid tote and said he could put the stuff in there. That tote sat and eventually another was added to it. I just went through then and managed to empty one. Most of the stuff went in the trash. There is another tote of stuff to put away. I did go through and get rid of the junk. I found some pearl earrings. I found some Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. I found a smoke detector which went off when I picked it up. Ryan went into Andy's room. Andy went outside. Good for Andy!

Another discovery I made today are some frames I have had for years. They are Rive Gauche from Exposures. But the mats are for 4 3x5 prints. I could have some mats made for 5x7 prints and put them up in my dad's room. That saves at least $60!