friday 10.23



Adding more items to my to do list. It's so long but filled with mostly quick tasks. OK except for putting Ryan's bed together.


Trim done. Bed done. Bed moved again because dresser won't fit done. Yep, I failed to plan again. That dresser and bed are way too bulky. And why did they have to put the window of there? It just cuts up the room more. And don't say cross ventilation because 1. This is Florida. The a/c is on 90% of the time; and 2. Cross ventilation only works when there is another window or opening. Doors to the hallway don't work.

Sorry. I am just exhausted. Putting that bed together is tough work. Luckily I thought of paint cans to hold up the frame while I got it in place.

I wish I had painted Ryan's room green, all the walls. I really like the color.


Why can't I find what I am looking for? Perhaps my ideas are stuck in 2002 which was the last time I did any serious decorating. I would like white wood rods for the valances. Either they are really expensive or non-existant. So I guess the metal look is in. At least it is more affordable.

Love the Buy One Get One Free! This week's special was Publix brand chocolate milk. Not as good as TG Lee but Ryan will drink it. Yay!


I see the fairy's were not here. All the paint supplies are still out.

There is one more (decent) option for Ryan's bedroom. I'll let him decide when he gets home.



Ryan seems to like his bedroom. He hasn't come out since he got home. He wanted his dresser between the bed and the bookshelf. It just fits. And then I had to drag it back out to plug in the clock radio. d'oh!