thursday 10.22


Granny here reporting about her terrible night with little sleep. Caffeine, cramps and Ryan.

Years ago, I couldn't find the curtains I really wanted. So I had this idea to get denim valances and then sew on cut outs of stars and such. I bought the valances and the quilt squares. That's all that happened. I did hang the valances. Now I need to rehang the valances and I washed them. I could only find 4 panels. Huh? Shouldn't there be 6, 2 for each window? O maybe I thought I could stretch one across so you could see the appliqués better? That would explain why one was in a bag to return. But I think it may be too late to return lest I get on Target's bad return list. I think 2 panels will look better so I will probably do something different in my dad's room. But what?

9:49 Priming is done! I can shut that can tight and out it away. I can throw away that roller brush. I will clean and hope to save the trim brush.

Listening to Fastball.

It will be a bit sad that I won't be able to listening to my music loudly anymore once dad is here.


Top coat on. While I waiting for the primer to dry, I did the trim on the green wall and in Andy's room. I just need to move his dresser back and reboot his computer.

Lunch is in the oven.

I am exhausted. Only trim on 2 walls left for tomorrow. Û